Hate, wikibias and the Arab Islamic militant lobby

Hate, wikibias and the Arab Islamic militant lobby

Who said Nazis and Arab Palestinians can not work together? Not only was it a proved fact in WW2, but today, it’s “alive and well” on wikipedia and on other Internet social activities.

Hitler’s racist attitudes against Arabs (as an inferior race just as Jews, or the ‘half-apes ‘as he called Middle Easterners) never stopped him from forming an alliance with the Grand Mufti.

Hitler’s veiled message: “Until we Nazis can burn you half monkey Arabs… we should fight the Jews meantime…”

Herr Noleander, Heil!

Take for example Wikpedia’s editor by the name of ‘Noleander‘ (or is it Herr Neulander?) who has dedicated his work to defame all Jews and all Judaism/ Judaism related issues.

Among his “creations” are: 1) ‘Judaism and violence,’ (trying to portray this peaceful nation victim of historic and present violence as “pro violence.” cherry-picking material, expanding on what he wants to push forward, mistranslating Biblical text, all into one POV [point of view] trend to make sure his message of “Judaism and violence” come out strong, inflammatory and dirty. 2) ‘Jews and slavery’ (rewriting history as if they were “in line” with the Arab-Islamic or Europen-Christian mass en-slavers, basing his “work” on anti-Jewish anti-white Nation Of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan’s material) and ‘Criticism of the Talmud’ (quoting of course all the unrelated/out-of-context supposed “text” which have been refuted “ages” ago. 3) ‘Racism in Israel’ he created that page with a clear anti-Jewish slant (no, not just anti-Zionist), and incorporating unrelated subjects such as refusal of accepting the controversial obscure group Black Hebrews in Israel supposedly being based on “racism.”

In fact, Herr ‘Noleander‘ has taking about all or most “issues” that any “good” Nazi hate site is hammering about.


Full time activist

Nableezy, a Palestinian Arab (based in the Midwest, sometimes travelling to Asia), very much anti-Israel, will push for falsified information will call any non-lefty Israeli website a “unreliable sources” even though such sites are quoted and often relied upon by major news organizations and common reliable sources.

Worth mentioning that he is against any non-Arab minority in the Middle East (such as Copts and others) that are trying to raise their issues against bigoted Arabization and on other vital subjects. He’s a true racist Arab supremacist.

In the course of his anti-Israel activities on wikipedia, he managed to become some kind of a “leader,” in anti-Israel Arab-lobbying.

His way of “combatting” those that try dare defend little Israel against Goliath Islamic propaganda are basically these:

1) Edit warring, will revert edits he doesn’t like, then will call one of his buddies in his team of Arab lobby such as: Tiamut, Carwil, Zero0000, (Carwil and Zero0000 are highly likely sockpuppets of each nother) Soman, Bali Ultimate and others like Malik Shabbaz (usually reserved when a more heavyweight backup guy is needed), and will try to discredit info by claiming: Sources are “not reliable,” or another vague claim of “OR,” meaning “original research” even though it is based on normal sources. As three edits are usually accepted in edit-wars, his buddies (2-3 user names in Sweden with one defenitely being a sock, others are in the Middle east, in the US, etc.) will switch gears to make sure they dominate wikipedia to their POV.

If he gets tired and loses the argument, he tries his favorite tool: Blocking the user, either by claiming he/she is “vandalizing,” the site, but even his most favorite is to claim the user is a sockpuppet of another one, whom he had problems with before, this is usually successfully carried out without much real checking by wikipedia administrators that are supposed to check for IP usage etc, but he uses the argument that “if someone defends a material or opinion by an already a banned user, they “must” be the “same person.”

Amazingly enough, Wikipedia administrators so far did not “get” it that his push are totally unreliable and motivated by his one side goal: To dominate anti-Israel Palestinianism by demonization of all Israel does/has/associated with.

In fact, any push to block a user by Nableezy (which are numerous) should be discredited.

Unfortunately in debates where a mediator is called in, such “arbitrary” admin. like sean.hoyland do cover for NableezyFrom that Arab-Islamic anti Israel lobby, many are transparent in their blatant anti-Jewish activities, for example, Zero0000 (Arab Muslim) will defend material by (Herr) Noleander in defaming Judaism, not related to merely defending “Palestine.”

Next time you hear about Saudi Arab billioniare tycoon Bin Talal’s immense control on media outlet (including on CNN), think about it.


Wikipedia has (also) not checked if the anti Jewish Nazi users are related, for example: Stonemason89 (from MN, US) and Noleander.

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